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Online Learning

Effective Online Learning is Vital in a Non-linear, Asynchronous World

For many organizations, online learning used to be a nice-to-have. That can't be the case anymore.

learning science

Why Knowing What You Know Makes You a Better Learner

The more conscious you are of your knowledge and thought processes, the more you can focus your energy on shoring up...

knowledge and memory

Effective Online Learning: What Does an LMS Do Well, and What are its Weak Points?

While the traditional LMS generally solves the problems of hosting and delivering course content, it doesn't really...

knowledge and memory

What is Adaptive Learning and How Does It Make Online Training More Effective and Efficient?

The key to unlocking adaptive learning for online training is the use of algorithms to orchestrate interactions with...


Cerego Grows Healthcare Footprint, Bringing Adaptive Learning Support to Industry

In the last quarter, Cerego has seen substantial growth of healthcare customers training medical personnel across...

Higher Education

Remote Learning in the Time of COVID-19: Educator Survey

Cerego polled 70 educators from universities and schools around the world, to learn exactly where the gaps in remote...

personalized learning

The Complete Guide to Remote Learning for Businesses

While transitioning to online learning and remote training can be difficult, learning can be greatly enhanced by using...


Cerego Offers Free Access to Learning Software to Ease Shift to Remote Education 

As the education community navigates this newly remote world, creating compelling online learning experiences is...

learning science

Personalization Makes Remote Learning More Effective Than You Think

Blend cognitive science and artificial intelligence, and distance learning can improve engagement and performance vs....