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Why Mobile Users Are Learning Faster

In learning, timing matters. Through decades of research into the cognitive science of learning and how memories fade over time, we now understand that spacing out learning into shorter sessions with breaks is more effective than cramming, and that [...]

Big Data and Machine Learning Hit Education @TransformingEDU CES 2017

Predictive analytics is really making its mark in education. Our abilty to generate and collect big, rich, long-term learning data from the real world has kickstarted another revolution in learning science. At Cerego we're personalizing learning by [...]

Share and win in our #CreateChangeEDU SXSWedu Registration Giveaway

What do you think the future of education looks like? What changes are you making to drive towards a better learning experience for students right now? Answer that question by sharing what you or your team are doing to innovate students' learning [...]