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Willpower vs. Decision Fatigue: The Truth About Self Control

How much did you think about the clothes you wore this morning? Famously, Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg supposedly wear the same color shirt most days, to cut down on decision fatigue. The idea - known as ego-depletion - is that that your [...]

Customer Spotlight: Instructor Lori Schreiber, Penn State Abington

Lori is a college instructor at Penn State Abington. In addition to teaching, she works as a Community Liaison for Montgomery County Community College and is the Abington Township Commissioner. She brings a unique perspective into her Introduction [...]

Customer Spotlight: Professor Ying Lin, Santa Rosa Junior College

Ying Lin is a Professor at Santa Rosa Junior College, where he teaches Statistics courses using Cerego. Learn how he customized Cerego Courseware to make statistics lessons stick.