If your employees don't remember what they learned, why spend the time and money?

Cerego offers the best training reinforcement available to help employees remember their training for up to 3-4 times longer.

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The benefits of Cerego's adaptive learning platform

Learn Faster

Learning is more effective and efficient


Cerego ensures that your students or employees learn and review the right material at the right time — just before they forget it. This is the most efficient way to learn, no matter what you're learning.


Retention increases of up to 90%.

Save Time

We save you time by telling you what you need to learn


Cerego helps people learn the important stuff at their own speed. How so? They spend less time but learn more, and you don't need to waste valuable in-person time covering the basics.


Reduce training time by up to 50%.


Data measures and predicts your potential


Cerego quantifies what learners know now, and predicts how they'll perform in the future. You get a rich picture of your learners' knowledge and ability, so you can plan accordingly.


Predict future performance 40% more accurately than with a one-time test.

Why it works

Cerego's patented algorithms combine years of our own detailed learning data and proven principles from research science. We take learning science and turn it into a learning solution. The result is a learning experience that is more efficient and more effective, and useful data insights that help teachers and trainers do their job more effectively.
    • Cognitive science principles (including distributed learning and retrieval practice) ensure that learners see the right material at the right time — just before they would otherwise forget it.
    • Our machine learning approach means Cerego is always adapting: personalizing the learning experience for each individual user, and improving the experience for Cerego users as a whole
    • We don't just look at research, we perform it as well — our team works with third parties to assess the efficacy of Cerego and we publish these results regularly
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"Typically, across the country, community college students are either underprepared or unprepared for college-level coursework, and I felt that Cerego would be a really good way to bring up the skill level. At the end of the semester, my success rate had gone up from about 66% to about 80%."

— Patricia Valella, Professor
Long Beach City College



One platform to predict future learning performance 

Cerego uses proven learning science to analyze how you learn and predict future performance.





Make your courses unforgettable

Turn ordinary concepts into a powerful, engaging learning experiences. Cerego handles every type of digital content - from videos to PDFs, flashcards, maps, scenarios and more. Whether you need a simple or complex curriculum, Cerego has you covered.

  • Our palette of 10+ item templates helps you create and edit course material easily
  • Create your material yourself, or work with one of Cerego's experienced instructional designers to create dynamic content that brings your lessons to life
  • Drag, drop, and sort to customize course content for each group or classroom 
  • Upload PDFs or copy & paste text-based material and let Cerego automatically create assessments for you.

Deliver powerful instruction

Don't just teach or train; make sure people actually learn. Cerego's learning applications adapt to your learners and make sure they will be able to apply knowledge long into the future.

  • Our learning engine, nicknamed DARPA (Distributed Adaptive Retrieval Practise Algorithms) applies some of the most proven learning science principles, leading to faster learning, and longer-term retention
  • Smart notifications figure out the right time to remind learners to return to the system, making learning a habit
  • Cerego's learning application can be used to deliver standalone courses or to supplement in-person or online training.

Apply meaningful analytics

Measure what people know, predict how long their knowledge will last, and get useful information about talent and capability.

  • Cerego can assess knowledge more accurately than a one-time exam (and with less pressure, too)
  • Capture real-time data about any individual's performance, or a group's performance, in real time, and see what concepts need extra review
  • Insights show information about knowledge as well as other traits (including diligence and speed of learning) so you can get the whole picture, not just a single score

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