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Using Cerego: How to Create, Learn, Analyze, and Integrate with Cerego

How administrators and instructors can build content and courses, create assignments, analyze results, and more. Haven't started using Cerego yet? Give it a try!


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using cerego


How to build engaging learning content quickly and easily

Use our Smart Create™ technology to build entire courses in seconds, import what you already have, or create new content quickly with our AI-powered tools.

Create with Cerego

Learning that drives strong retention and fits any schedule

Cerego's unique, AI-driven learning engine makes sure you study only what you need, right when you need it.

Learn with Cerego



Get powerful, actionable insights into learner progress

One of the most powerful aspects of Cerego is the analytics dashboard, offering a detailed look at learner readiness. Learn how to use it here.

Analyze with Cerego


Integrate Cerego with your Systems and Content

There are a host of ways to take advantage of Cerego's advanced personalized learning technology.

Integrate with Cerego

Take us for a test drive

See how Cerego can make it faster and easier to build content, build retention, and increase performance.

Experience AI-Powered Learning: Launch Your Cerego Pilot Now