Early this year we launched Smart Course Create to allow our customers to nearly instantly create full courses within the powerful, learning science-based Cerego platform using the latest Generative AI models. And we have been steadily making improvements to the feature so that user can guide the AI more and more to ensure that the content generated truly meets the required training and learning needs.

We have now just launched a further enhancement we call Curriculum Design. 

This enhancement allows you, the content creator, to guide the content direction of the subtopics (assignments) within the Smart Course you are creating. Previously, you could only tell Smart Course create the main topic/course you'd like created. It would then proceed to create what the AI thought best. But now you can guide that subtopic by subtopic and truly get a more bespoke course creation.

See here for our recent support article to help guide your use of this enhancement. We're including here the support video: