In the dynamic field of learning technology, Cerego stands out with its unique approach to understanding and assessing learning. You may have already learned of our unique, dynamic Readiness Score that measures exactly how likely it is that a user will be able to recall a concept they are learning, in real-time. But alongside that, importantly, there is also our Agility, Diligence, and Knowledge measurements of learner activity that don't merely rely on traditional metrics like test scores, but delve deeper into the learner's knowledge base, learning methods, and the capacity to grasp new information. Let's unravel the power of these insights and how it can reshape learning experiences.

Three Pillars of Cerego Analytic Measurements

At the heart of Cerego analytics, which we call Insights, are three critical metrics: Knowledge, Diligence, and Agility. These are designed not just to provide a broader perspective of a learner's capabilities but also to predict their future success more effectively than traditional means. 

The Breadth and Depth of Knowledge
Knowledge, as measured by Cerego, isn't a mere binary assessment of what one knows. It's about exploring the breadth of a learner's understanding and the depth to which they've mastered a concept. The ability to retain information is particularly vital for higher-level cognition and is a potent predictor of success in exams or any other measure of comprehension. Our tool quantifies this intricate variable to predict real-world outcomes. 

Figure 1

Cerego Insights.pdf 2023-07-28 at 8.49.43 AM

Figure 1: Correlation between measured real-world effect size and depth of knowledge in Cerego, showcasing how knowledge retention strongly predicts tangible outcomes.

The Power of Diligence
In the realm of learning, the journey is just as important as the destination. Diligence encapsulates a learner's approach to their journey. A diligent learner, who is consistent, goal-oriented, and thoughtful in their interactions with the study material, often performs better in the future. Our Diligence metric recognizes and appreciates these qualities that align with effective learning strategies.

Unleashing Agility 
Agility, the third metric in Cerego Insights, mirrors a learner's ability to learn and retain new information swiftly. Unlike Knowledge, which can vary across different subjects, Agility is a reflection of the learner's overall potential, irrespective of the topic at hand. Validated through hundreds of millions of interactions on Cerego, Agility has proven its worth in predicting outcomes like training retention and exam scores.

Cerego Insights is more than a learning tool; it's a step towards the future of education. By evaluating Knowledge, Diligence, and Agility, we not only understand the present state of a learner but also predict their future success. The result? A richer, more holistic picture of learning that transcends conventional limits. 

Unleash the power of these insights and reshape your learning journey with Cerego today.