Teams that use Cerego get higher impact, learn faster, and reduce overall training expenses. 

Based on cognitive science, a new kind of adaptive learning platform that personalizes and automates how people learn by up to 50%.


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Learning that lasts, training that works

Our adaptive learning platform adjusts to individual learning paths

Our proprietary learning engine knows what to teach, when to test, and how to measure progress

Learner retention showed increases of up to 90%.

Smart creation tools makes it easy to create content

Learners master the foundations on their own time, or retain what they've learned in-person, allowing instructors to reduce training time.

NYU reduced classroom hours by 50% and replaced 96 teaching hours.

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Instructors understand how their students are progressing

 Administrators and instructors quantify how their learners are performing while identifying which content to prioritize.

Learner progression is measured and tracked over time.

Technology & cognitive science behind Cerego

Using years of detailed learning data, scientific models of memory decay, and the user’s own learning history, Cerego sums up the perfect learning schedule for each individual so learners can optimize what they learn.

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Learning Science

Evidence-supported cognitive science algorithms underpin the platform and its delivery of instructional and quiz content


AI-Assisted Platform

Cerego uses natural language processing to constantly adapt optimal learning paths for individual learners in real-time


Predictive Learning 

Study the right content at the right time to boost retention and efficiency

Accelerate your training and learning with proven Science

Use science to provide a better learning experience

Leverage years of academic research, applied science, and real-world big data mining to help people learn faster, remember longer, quantify what they know, and enjoy the learning experience.

Easily develop learners and talent with technology

Help people learn more while studying at the right time. Rapidly turn any subject content into a personalized learning experience they will enjoy mastering.

Painlessly integrate throughout your organization

Quickly start small with comprehensive templates and scale up to a fully customized ongoing standard of continuing education and support throughout the talent lifecycle.

Track and measure improvements in team knowledge

Continually measuring knowledge growth on an ongoing basis, not just at a snapshot in time. Since learning is an ongoing process, measuring its effects must be an ongoing process as well.

How it Works



Together, we identify your core learning objectives 
and desired outcomes



Apply multiple item templates to your content to build the best possible learning experience


Instruct & Learn

Students and employees can learn with Cerego on a web app, Android, or iOS devices



Monitor progress and outcomes of individual learners or large segments who engage with similar content



Make data-driven adjustments to your content or instruction to continually improve the learning experience

The leading adaptive learning platform that predicts how you best learn


Achieve maximum results

In every subject or training area, with every team and individual learner, your learning objectives will be achieved using a single platform.


Revitalize textbooks and other course materials

Repurpose, modernize, and organize your existing training materials from multiple sources with advanced multimedia content creation tools. Or use our fully customizable Courseware - available in 7 subjects.


Simplify administration and analytics

Support your entire department, individual classrooms, and learners with robust admin tools and analytics that empower you to track progress and long-term retention, or offer additional help those who are struggling.


Drive engagement

A mobile-first approach and offline study capabilities enable employees to learn on-the-go.

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