Discover a game-changing solution for easy quiz creation! By combining ChatGPT with Cerego's bulk upload feature, you can revolutionize the way you create engaging quizzes that enhance the learning experience. In this blog post, we'll guide you through the process, ensuring maximum efficiency and optimal results. Watch the video here! 

Easily Generate Quiz Questions:

Utilize ChatGPT's remarkable capabilities to generate a comprehensive set of 25 thought-provoking quiz questions tailored to your topic. Our video tutorial, available here, provides step-by-step instructions on leveraging ChatGPT's power for seamless content creation.

ChatGPT not only generates correct answers but also offers two carefully crafted wrong answer options for each question. Detailed explanations for both correct and wrong answers are included, promoting deeper understanding and knowledge retention.

Seamless upload into Cerego:

Easily organize and format your quiz content using Google Sheets. With a simple copy and paste, transfer the content into a CSV file, preparing it for Cerego's bulk upload feature.

Simplify the import process by using Cerego's bulk upload feature. Follow our instructions to upload the CSV file directly into Cerego, saving time and effort while ensuring your quizzes are readily available for your learners.

Customization and Fine-Tuning:

Review and fine-tune the content to align it with your expertise before publishing. Tailor explanations and answer options to reflect the nuances and specific details that benefit your learners the most.

With ChatGPT and Cerego's bulk upload feature, deliver engaging quizzes that challenge and engage your students. Leverage Cerego's adaptive retrieval practice algorithm to optimize learning outcomes and real-world application.

Streamline your quiz creation process by harnessing the power of ChatGPT and Cerego's bulk upload feature. Watch our instructional video, follow the steps outlined, and effortlessly generate captivating quizzes. Empower your students with a deeper understanding of the subject matter and enhance their learning journey.

Here is the ChatGPT prompt I used:


I need to have a good understanding of the book titled Ten-Day MBA. Can you create 25 quiz questions to help me understand all the major themes and points and events? I need the quiz question, the correct answer, two wrong answers, and explanations for why the correct answer is correct and why each of the wrong answers are wrong. I need to be able to easily copy and paste the quiz questions you create so that I can save it as csv file that I can bulk upload in Can you put the quiz content into a table of code I can copy? These are the headers I must have for the csv: Question; CorrectAnswer_1; IncorrectAnswer_1; IncorrectAnswer_2; CorrectAnswer_1_Explanation; IncorrectAnswer_1_Explanation; IncorrectAnswer_2_Explanation Please divide the questions and answers and explanations with semicolons instead of commas. I'll need the question, the answer, two wrong answers, and explanations for why the correct answer is correct and why each of the wrong answers are wrong. No need to number the questions.

For any questions or assistance, our dedicated support team is here to help.

Start creating captivating quizzes with ChatGPT and Cerego today!