Effective and engaging online training for your team

70% of corporate training is forgotten in just 24 hours. Cerego's adaptive online learning platform uses scientific principles and AI to deliver strong knowledge retention and skills development.

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Invest in your employees' skills and future potential

With Cerego, employees learn faster, and develop stronger retention of their training. That helps them build the proficiency and accountability they need to be successful, while saving you time and money. 90% of employees say Cerego has improved their knowledge of training materials.

"Cerego is an intuitive platform to use. Our onboarding and customer success management relationship with Jason has been excellent — aside from answering our technical questions, he's always available to brainstorm with us and help us create better learning experiences for our participants."

—Becca Sundal, VP of Operations, FinListics Solutions

FinListics Solutions

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 Online training that increases both engagement and performance

Drive engagement and achieve results

A mobile-first approach and offline study capabilities enable employees to learn on-the-go. In every subject or training area, with every team and individual learner, your learning objectives will be achieved using a single platform.

course materials
Revitalize textbooks and other course materials

Repurpose, modernize, and organize your existing training materials from multiple sources with advanced multimedia Smart Create™ tools and Natural Language Processing

Simplify administration and analytics

Support your entire department, individual classrooms, and learners with robust admin tools and analytics that empower you to track progress and long-term retention, or offer additional help those who are struggling.


How TechStyle has used continuous remote learning to drive performance, worldwide

Here’s how TechStyle uses Cerego to build a training program for representatives that is both personalized and scalable, on a global level.

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How Consensus Improves Employee Training During Peak Season

With a tight holiday training schedule and a growing number of people to train quickly, the pressure is on to ensure every employee is effectively trained and knowledgeable.

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Cerego Case Study

Cerego Grows Healthcare Footprint, Bringing Adaptive Learning Support to Industry

“We’ve been able to consolidate a one-week onboarding bootcamp and nearly 700 pages of text into a digestible format that new employees can easily learn and remember with Cerego, allowing us to meet the staffing needs of our partners.”

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