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Thousands of companies, colleges, and universities use Cerego to increase engagement and exceed performance goals. 

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Provide an engaging and personalized learning experience to every student, employee, or service member

Our technology gives you powerful course creation tools to drive engagement and learning, real-time dashboards to measure knowledge, and reports to track individual and group progress — no matter where they are:

  • Build and create engaging content quickly and easily
  • Automate the creation of follow-up materials using our Smart Suggestions™ software
  • Access your courses anywhere, via computer, mobile apps, and even offline
  • Identify and help those who are struggling early on, before they take a test or have to perform, using Cerego's analytics

Wright State Case Study

Cerego for Education

Using the most impactful principles of learning science, Cerego provides students the best approach to maximizing their study efforts, no matter where they are.

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Cerego for Business

Give your teams the power of learning science and personalization. With Cerego you can help your team build the proficiency and accountability you need them to have for business success.

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Cerego for Government

Our personalized learning algorithm ensures that personnel remember their training by adapting to each individual's learning performance to build and maintain lasting knowledge

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"We thought there had to be a tool out there that puts practice and retention above preparing for an exam. ICON is committed to our students' development as artists and Cerego helped us put the emphasis on mastery, rather than test scores."

- John von Seggern, Director of Online Education
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