When remembering your training means saving lives

Our personalized learning algorithm ensures that personnel remember their training by adapting to each individual's learning performance to build and maintain lasting knowledge

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Mission critical learning at the speed of need

Emergency management, law enforcement, and military personnel rely on their training to make split-second decisions to save lives. Our powerful analytics tools give leadership real-time dashboards and reports to track individual and team progress. That means you can:

  • Identify and help learners who are struggling early on, before they take a certification test or go on deployment
  • Ensure everyone has the same base of knowledge, so that they can participate in meaningful discussions in class
  • Save time and money by increasing the speed at which teams learn and retain information 

Cerego for Government

Cerego’s ​Courses​ tool provides a robust set of course administration features that support individual and group learning. Cerego protects Government sensitive data by hosting courses containing ​Controlled Unclassified Information​ (CUI) in a DFARS252.204-7012 compliant cloud. And, Cerego protects existing training investments by importing ​SCORM-compliant​ courses and by integrating with other Learning Management Systems (LMS) via the ​Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)​ standard.

"The analytics and learning algorithm are the things that set your application apart from all other options, I'm convinced."

"The LTI integration is the best I've seen yet. You guys are onto something special."

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Cerego's Adaptive Learning Platform

Build Lasting Knowledge While Minimizing Total Study Time

Our ​adaptive learning algorithms​ utilize proven cognitive science principles and AI-driven machine learning to automatically maintain a personalized study schedule to eliminate the cognitive burden of knowing what and when to study. With personalized study sessions on Cerego’s mobile apps, learners can study anywhere/anytime to build and maintain lasting knowledge with significantly less total study time than using traditional methods.

course materials
Rapidly Create Rich Content

Instructional system designers can rapidly create unforgettable content with Cerego’s​Smart Create​ tool. Our instructional and quiz templates and natural language processingAI-assist functions enable quick and easy creation of rich and engaging course content. And, we provide a wide variety of learning items to build, retain and apply knowledge.

Measure Knowledge & Capability

Cerego’s analytics tools give leadership real-time, actionable dashboards and reports to track individual and team progress. Our​Knowledge Bank gives instructors and learners real-time, visual feedback on progress, content difficulty, study time, etc. And, our​​​ Insights Leaderboard​ enable leadership to gain an in-depth understanding of learners’ cognitive and behavioral attributes, including agility, diligence, and knowledge metrics.

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