Cerego for Government

When remembering your training means saving lives.

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Mission critical learning at the speed of need

Cerego's personalized learning platform helps U.S. Government agencies perform mission critical operations. Emergency management, law enforcement, and military personnel rely on their training to make split-second decisions to save lives. Our personalized learning algorithm ensures that personnel remember their training by adapting to each individual's learning performance to build and maintain lasting knowledge. Our powerful analytics tools give leadership real-time dashboards and reports to track individual and team progress.

Cerego for Government

Cerego protects U.S. Government sensitive data by hosting courses containing Controlled Unclassified Information in a DFARS 252.204-7012 compliant cloud.


We protect existing training investments by importing existing SCORM-compliant courses and launching from current learning management systems.


Training software that fundamentally changes the learning experience

Achieve Results

In every subject or training area, with every team and individual learner, your learning objectives will be achieved using a single platform.


Revitalize existing training materials

Repurpose, modernize, and organize your existing training materials from multiple sources with advanced multimedia content creation tools.



Simplify administration and analytics

Support your entire company, its teams, and learners with robust admin tools and analytics that empower you to reward participants based on tracked progress and long-term retention, or help to those who are struggling.

Drive engagement

A mobile-first approach and offline study capabilities enable employees to learn on-the-go.

Training Reinforcement for Government

Content Templates

Full freedom and flexibility for designing personalized learning experiences

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Timing Algorithms

Review sessions that are perfectly timed to harness the peak of the learner’s memory.

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Learning Sessions

®Focused learning experiences that are individualized for maximum results


Knowledge Bank

A visual way to easily track progress - by the learner individually or a combined group of learners.


Admin Panel

A single easy-to-use management layer for managing branding, learners, and groups



Easily understand how well content or learners are performing - and offer help where and when it is needed most.


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