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Companies, colleges, and universities around the world have used Cerego to exceed their performance goals:

Talen Energy
US Army
Arizona State University
Cengage Learning
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Rockwell Automation

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G2 High Performer

"Cerego might be the most innovative learning technology I have worked with in the last decade."

—Cristián Opazo, Ph.D., M.Sc.
Director of Educational Technology, NYU College of Dentistry​


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The world is focused on making machines smarter — at Cerego, we leverage artificial intelligence to make humans smarter

With Cerego, Bryan University has seen a 267% increase in time engaged in practice from students and a 50% reduction in lecture time.

"Students are spending time in Cerego learning the lecture material and content, freeing up the faculty to spend time mentoring and coaching."

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Create unforgettable courses

We empower you with the tools to improve how people learn, not just the what. By doing this, learners and employees retain information longer and better. Students do better on exams. Employees upskill and learn more on the job. Companies increase employee engagement and retention, saving time and money.


Improve your knowledge

Unlike a one-time assessment, our predictive algorithms measure and improve mulitple aspects of the learner: agility, knowledge, and diligence. Instructors and students can then identify key areas to improve so they can reach their fullest learning potential.



Save time creating content

Cerego's Smart Create™ tools save you time. Easily add rich media (like videos, images, or PDFs) to a subject page, create automatic learning sets with suggested answers. Save time and money by getting up and running quickly, while also making better use of existing learning content.

Get 90% retention while cutting training time in half

Easily convert key learning concepts into fun and engaging experiences. Using cognitive science principles, Cerego's adaptive learning platform customizes each individual's learning journey.

Better learning means better performance

Enhance student and employee performance. Timeline reviews and easy-to-read knowledge insights help both instructors and learners identify strengths and weaknesses early on, so that they can be addressed before the exam or when it is time to perform.

From the Cerego blog: The Future of Learning

Adaptive learning and online training

What is Adaptive Learning and How Does it Make Online Training More Effective and Efficient?

Adaptive learning means delivering a learning experience that's optimized for the individual. And while it might seem obvious that tailoring the educational experience to meet your specific needs is a good idea, it has been difficult to apply in the context of online training. Until now.

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Online learning software needs to change

The Way We Learn is Changing—Online Learning Software Should, Too

Technology is advancing at a rate never seen before, extending into virtually every industry. That means employees need to be more skilled, and to learn more quickly to keep up with the pace of automation. But while the technology around them is evolving rapidly, the training methods have remained the same.

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Cerego's State of Learning Report

This Is How We Learn: Cerego's State of Learning Report

Every day thousands of learners use Cerego at school and at work to help them learn faster, and retain information longer. Today, our dataset includes over 1 billion interactions drawn from more than 1.5 million learners and is the largest dataset of its kind outside of academia.

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