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Ensure your students and employees remember what they are learning

We empower you to focus on the how of learning, not just the what. By doing this, learners and employees retain information longer and better. Students do better on exams. Employees upskill and learn better on the job. Companies increase employee engagement and retention saving time and money.

Improving your knowledge is cool.

Unlike a one-time assessment, our predictive algorithms measure and improve a learner's agility, knowledge, and diligence. Instructors and students can then identify key areas to improve so they can reach their fullest learning potential.


"Cerego might be the most innovative learning technology I have worked with."

Cristián Opazo, PH.D., M.SC.

Director of Educational Technology, NYU College of Dentistry


Save time creating content

Cerego's Smart Create tools save you time. Easily add rich content to a subject page, create automatic learning sets with suggested answers, or embed a multimedia video. Instructors save time and money by up to 50%.

Retain Training and Lessons 

Easily convert key learning concepts into fun and engaging experiences. Using cognitive science principles, adaptive learning is customized to an individual's learning journey. 

Better Learning Performance

Improve student or employee performance! Visually beautiful timeline reviews and easy to read data insights help instructors and learners identify where they're at and areas of improvement.


How does Cerego work?

Using years of detailed learning data, scientific models of memory decay, and the user’s own learning history, Cerego’s patented algorithms deliver an optimal schedule that efficiently and effectively guides learning.


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Science Algorithms

Evidence-supported algorithms form the basis for instructional and quiz content to users at the perfect moment


AI-Driven Machine Learning

A machine-learning approach means that Cerego is constantly adapting, ensuring that user-by-user, and item-by-item, personalization is at its core


Predictive Learning

Personalized analysis shows the right content at the right time to boost retention and engagement

Distributed Learning


Distributed Learning, or short, spaced learning sessions, is based on the early work of Hermann Ebbinghaus, who developed a retention model called the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve.


Science shows us that distributing learning opportunities, rather than engaging one mass session, leads to better long-term retention of the material. 

This remains true, even if the total study time is the same or less.



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Retrieval Practice


Retrieval practice, or the "testing effect," is an important principle Cerego uses to improve learning retention.


Testing yourself on things you've learned, even if you don't recall them, is far more effective for building retention than re-reading.


Challenging your mind to retrieve the content builds a deeper understanding of the information.




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Desirable Difficulty


Desirable difficulty is when a memory starts to fade to the point where it is hard, but not impossible, to recall — this is the time when learning is optimized.


Cerego leverages this concept, scheduling a review just before the memories fade.


The difficulty in recall encourages deeper processing of the information, improving long-term retention.





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