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70% of training is forgotten in 24 hours and 80-90% after just 30 days

Cerego’s AI-assisted predictive algorithms focus on the how of learning, not just the what. By doing this, learners maximize their full learning potential and retain information longer. 

Measure & improve how you learn

Unlike a one-time assessment, our predictive algorithms measure and improve a learner's agility, knowledge, and diligence. Instructors and students can then identify key areas to improve so they can reach their fullest learning potential.


"Cerego might be the most innovative educational technology tool I have worked with."

Cristián Opazo, PH.D., M.SC.

Director of Educational Technology, NYU College of Dentistry



Cerego provides you with tools to add rich content to a subject page, embed a multimedia video, or upload a summary pdf overview. Learners can return to these items to review foundational course elements.


Learners retain knowledge and concepts longer when they experience it in multiple modalities.  Cerego lets you easily convert key learning concepts into engaging experiences. Save time by automatically generating content with smart creation tools.


Effectively measure learner impact with custom insights so you know how to improve team performance. Timeline reviews and patterns help instructors and learners identify areas of improvement.


Technology & cognitive science behind Cerego

Using years of detailed learning data, scientific models of memory decay, and the user’s own learning history, Cerego’s patented algorithms deliver an optimal schedule that efficiently and effectively guides learning.


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Science Algorithms

Evidence-supported algorithms form the basis for instructional and quiz content to users at the perfect moment


AI-Driven Machine Learning

A machine-learning approach means that Cerego is constantly adapting, ensuring that user-by-user, and item-by-item, personalization is at its core


Predictive Learning

Personalized analysis shows the right content at the right time to boost retention and engagement

One platform for all learners, all industries


  • 40-50% reduction in cost in training time and 3-4x improvement when compared to traditional training methods
  • Mobile learning gives employees the freedom to learn on-the-go and study anytime, anywhere
  • Automated smart creation tools save time when creating and updating training materials
  • Robust, actionable data insights help you understand individual learner progress and key areas for development



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  • Increase engagement and save time with multiple learning items and automated smart creation tools 
  • Supplemental learning tools complement instructor lessons, increasing long-term retention of key materials
  • Web and mobile options let students learn anywhere, anytime
  • Track course engagement with custom analytics and insights 
  • Easily integrate with popular LMS platforms using LTI standards



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  • Save time and money on training
  • Increased learner engagement makes deployment of training faster and more efficient
  • Differentiated learning tools increase long-term retention of key training materials
  • Real-time insights provide custom progress reports so instructors know which areas to focus on
  • Certified to handle and process FOUO/CUI data in accordance with DFARS 252.204–7012



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Teams that use Cerego improve their retention by 3-4x

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