Resources for Administrators and Instructors

Check out the links and documents below for information on how to implement and use Cerego across your organization. Don't see what you need? You can always visit Cerego support.

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Cerego now supports surveys—read all about it here

How Does Cerego Work? 

Read the white paper, "Cerego Insights: Measuring learning and potential," by our VP of Science, Iain Harlow, Ph.D. [Download PDF]

Cerego 101: Tutorials and Instructions for Admins

New to Cerego, or need to refresh your memory? Use our step-by-step video walkthroughs and tutorials to make sure you're getting the most out of Cerego's suite of adaptive learning tools and analytics. 

You can download a printable PDF that covers onboarding for learners and students here.

Cerego Support

Support articles on building courses, adding students and instructors, and assigning course materials.

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