Using Cerego: How to Create, Analyze, and Integrate with Cerego

How administrators and instructors can build content and courses, create assignments, analyze results, and more. Haven't started using Cerego yet? You can start now for free.

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General Overview: Getting Started with Cerego

How to get up and running using the Cerego adaptive learning platform.


Getting Started with Cerego

Cerego Create-1

How to build Sets and assign Courses using Cerego

Check out this series of short video tutorials on each element of using Cerego's content creation tools.

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Know what they know

One of the most powerful aspects of Cerego is the analytics dashboard, offering a detailed look at learner progress. Learn how to use it here.

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View the Cerego Glossary

Common terms and phrases relating to cognitive science and online learning, with handy definitions and related content.

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Integrate Cerego with your LMS

If you've already got an LMS in place, you can still take advantage of Cerego's advanced personalized learning platform.

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