Keep your remote team engaged, measure learning, and improve performance

Having a strong remote work strategy can actually make online training even more effective than traditional methods.

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Cerego maximizes remote learning by automatically creating a personalized experience for everyone

The Cerego platform gives remote team leaders powerful course creation tools to drive engagement, real-time dashboards to measure knowledge, and reports to track individual and group progress — no matter where they are:

  • Provide engaging content, accessible when working from home via computer, mobile apps, and even offline
  • Automate follow-up materials based on previous performance
  • Identify and help those who are struggling early on, before they take a test or have to perform
  • Increase the speed at which teams learn and retain information, saving both time and money

How it works

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Automate training material creation

Cerego's Smart Create™ tools allow you to quickly create both courses and follow-up materials. Simply copy and paste text into Cerego, and the platform will automatically suggest potential questions based on important keywords, and generate quiz material by suggesting possible distractor answers. 

Learn more about Cerego's Smart Create™ Tools 

Boost remote worker engagement, and provide unlimited access

Cerego's learning platform allows you to create multiple choice questions, diagrams, sequences, and surveys. Embed videos and photos, and leverage our NLP to automatically transcribe video content.

In addition to the desktop platform, Cerego's mobile apps enables anyone with a smartphone to take advantage of our suite of learning tools. No data plan? Our mobile apps allow you to study offline.


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Get detailed reporting on individual and group remote training

Cerego's Analytics Dashboard allows you see how each person is progressing based on continuous engagement, offering a complete view of their knowledge rather than a single snapshot in time. 

The Cerego platform builds and strengthens memories over the long-term, automatically scheduling reviews at key moments to ensure that everyone eventually masters the material.

Learn more about Cerego's analytics dashboards 

Supercharge your LMS

If you've already got an LMS in place, you can still take advantage of Cerego's advanced adaptive learning platform.

Employees will have a single login for your existing LMS, along with reaping the benefits of studying with Cerego. Here's how to get everything connected and running seamlessly:


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