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Using Cerego: Analyze

Our reporting tools give you in-depth insight into the strength of your memory for each concept you study. Cerego automatically builds a study schedule for you based on your desired level of memory retention, which is set at the Assignment level.


Using Cerego's analytics dashboards

Watch the video below to learn the basics of our learner analytics for administrators.

Levels of memory retention

The Cerego Knowledge Bank is measured in different levels: New, Building, Levels 1-4, and finally Mastery. When you first see something, it's all new — this stage means that you've seen the items. The next stage, Building, is where you'll land if you have successfully retrieved the items at least one time — that is, you've been asked to answer a quiz question, and answered it correctly, at least once about each learning item.

Next, the Cerego 'Levels' are tied directly to your desired strength of memory retention. Setting a goal of Level 1 for a course means Cerego will automatically build a study schedule for you that will ensure you have strong memory retention of your learning items for weeks

Levels of retention in Cerego

Level 2 means that Cerego's algorithm will build a learning schedule to ensure strong memory retention for months. Level 3 means building retention that will last for months or even years. Level 4 is built for years of retention. And, finally, Mastery learning means you'll have strong retention indefinitely — these memories are truly engrained, ensuring ease of recall and foundational knowledge. 


How long will it take?

Cognitive science tells us that shorter learning sessions are better for learning. It also tells us that quizzing yourself is a more effective way to learn than re-reading, note taking, or other common study habits. By combining these two principles, together with AI that learns when the most impactful study times are for each user, Cerego builds a schedule that typically greatly reduces study hours and yet produces far better learning outcomes

Average study time in Cerego

As the chart above shows, for a single memory to achieve strong retention for more than 6 months generally only requires an average of ~4 minutes of total study time for that learning item. The key is to study in the most effective way possible at exactly the right time. 


How frequently do I need to study?

When you are first introduced to something, your memory of it fades more quickly (in fact, we know that humans forget roughly 70% of new information in just 24 hours). But that fading slows as you do reviews. That means you'll do more reviews over the course of the first few days or weeks, but once you have built up strong retention, those reviews might be spaced out to once every few months. 

Frequency of Cerego reviews

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