Resources for Students and Learners

Check out the links and documents below for information on how to make the most of Cerego to improve your study and retain course material for longer. Don't see what you need? You can always visit Cerego support.

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The Basics

How to set up your account and profile, and get started learning with the Cerego adaptive learning platform.

Q: How do I sign in? 

  • A: Is your instructor using a Learning Management System, like Canvas or Blackboard? If yes, then all you need to do is log into your existing LMS, and you'll be able to access Cerego through there via assignments your instructor gives you.
  • A: If your school or instructor is not using an LMS, make sure you get the special URL from your teacher to access Cerego. Or look for an email from our notifications address.
    • Note: Do not sign up for the Cerego Free Trial—this will result in the creation of an additional account not associated with your instructor's course, and you will be denied access to the course.

Q: Does Cerego have mobile apps for iOS and Android?

Q: I already have a student account with another Learning Management System—do I need to have a Cerego account, too?

  • A: No. If your instructor is using an LMS, then you can log into that account, and access Cerego through your existing account.
    This still applies if you download the free Cerego app for iOS and/or Android. Use the same email you use for your LMS or you used to log into Cerego. Use the MAGIC LINK for easy, password-free access!

Q: How does Cerego work?

  • A: Cerego is based on the two most important principles of learning science: a) it is better to space your learning out over time, with small chunks rather than a lot of learning in one session. b) it is better to QUIZ yourself (test yourself) rather than just re-reading. You can download a PDF that covers the basics here
    • Note: You will NOT be able to complete your Cerego assignments in ONE session. You will have to take a few days to build strong memory retention! Check out our Progress Predictor feature on mobile. Read about it here