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Learner Spotlight

Learner Spotlight: Hayley Waller, Queensland University of Technology

Hayley Waller is a student at Queensland University of Technology where she uses Cerego to learn Chemistry.

Customer Spotlight

Customer Spotlight: Dr Nathan Boase, Queensland University of Technology

Dr Nathan Boase is a Professor at Queensland University of Technology, where he teaches Chemistry courses using Cerego.

Customer Spotlight

Customer Spotlight: Instructor Lori Schreiber, Penn State Abington

Lori Schreiber is a Instructor at Penn State Abington, where she teaches Sociology courses using Cerego.

Customer Spotlight

Customer Spotlight: Professor Ying Lin, Santa Rosa Junior College

Ying Lin is a Professor at Santa Rosa Junior College, where he teaches Statistics courses using Cerego.

Customer Spotlight

Customer Spotlight: Assistant Professor Arindam Basu, Penn State Brandywine

Arindam Basu is an Assistant Professor at Penn State Brandywine, where he teaches Biology courses using Cerego.

Learner Spotlight

Learner Spotlight: Paul Zuber-Fantulin, Santa Rosa Junior College

Paul Zuber-Fantulin is a student at Santa Rosa Junior College and the first Cerego Student Ambassador, where he helps...

Customer Spotlight

Customer Spotlight: Professor Patti Valella, Long Beach City College

Patti Valella is a Professor at Long Beach City College, where she teaches Biology and Anatomy and Physiology courses...

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