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knowledge and memory

Expanding the Adaptive Learning Footprint at Cairn

Both students and faculty alike at Cairn University are continuing to explore more ways to expand their knowledge and...

Case Study

Effective Online Learning Means Students are Ready for Creative, Critical, and Analytical Thinking

How Cerego helps foster better discussions and more meaningful seminars at Radboud University, Netherlands

personalized learning

How Cerego empowers instructors and students alike at Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Cerego's adaptive learning algorithm means instructors can be confident that students will be prepared, while students...

Customer Spotlight

Building knowledge inside and outside the classroom at Cairn University

How building foundational knowledge with Cerego makes students more engaged, better prepared, and more confident at...

personalized learning

How Cerego seamlessly builds adaptive learning into the LMS at College of Southern Nevada

Cerego gives English Professor Debra Berry the ability to offer adaptive, personalized learning alongside regular...

Higher Education

Creating engaging experiences and driving real learning online, at Wright State University

Economics Professor Joseph Cavanaugh was searching for a tool that would help students not only review course material,...

Higher Education

Making personalized learning possible for every student with Cerego at the University of Oldenburg, on campus and online

Whether in-person lectures play a role or not, Cerego offers a solution that scales personalized learning—and makes it...

Higher Education

How ICON Collective College of Music uses Cerego to learn faster, remember longer, and fulfill their mission

"ICON is committed to our students' development as artists and Cerego helped us put the emphasis on mastery, rather...

personalized learning

Improving study habits and maximizing remote engagement with Cerego at Het Stedelijk Lyceum, Netherlands

Having discovered it when she was a university student, Heleen Kok knew that Cerego could not only deliver information,...

Higher Education

How one college instructor uses Cerego to make learning more effective and accessible

Kira Arthurs, Instructor of Sociology at Pearl River Community College, has long wanted a solution that works better...

Case Study

How TechStyle has used continuous remote learning to drive performance, worldwide

TechStyle uses Cerego to build a training program for representatives that is both personalized and scalable, on a...

learning science

Students at the University of Hawaii achieve 12% higher test scores with Cerego

Cerego’s knowledge-building assignments improved final exam score overall by 12 percentage points—more than a full...

Case Study

How Consensus Improves Employee Training During Peak Season

Cerego has dramatically changed the way Consensus trains their employees, and they’ve seen exciting team and training...

personalized learning

How Cerego Changed the Way Bryan University Learns: From Students to Staff

Cerego was introduced as a solution with the intention of overcoming the forgetting curve easily and efficiently in a...

Higher Education

Improving Student Outcomes at Arizona State University Global Freshman Academy

Cerego's adaptive learning platform helps ASU Global Freshman Academy's improves students' learning of course material...


Cerego Tapped to Help Deliver Personalized Learning Programs for 4 Million UK Students

BBC Bitesize integrates Cerego’s learning platform within its online guides for General Certificate of Secondary...

knowledge and memory

Cerego Supports Learning — and Hope for the Future — for Refugee Children

Cerego teamed up with Project Hope to support school-age Syrian refugee children living in Turkey. Learn about the...

Higher Education

Cerego Supports the Shift Towards Active Learning at College of Western Idaho

College of Western Idaho instructors Teresa Rich and Holly Paquette decided to replace the sage-on-stage lecture format...

Learner Spotlight

Learner Spotlight: Hayley Waller, Queensland University of Technology

Hayley Waller is a student at Queensland University of Technology where she uses Cerego to learn Chemistry.

Customer Spotlight

Customer Spotlight: Dr Nathan Boase, Queensland University of Technology

Dr Nathan Boase is a Professor at Queensland University of Technology, where he teaches Chemistry courses using Cerego.

Customer Spotlight

Customer Spotlight: Instructor Lori Schreiber, Penn State Abington

Lori Schreiber is a Instructor at Penn State Abington, where she teaches Sociology courses using Cerego.

Customer Spotlight

Customer Spotlight: Professor Ying Lin, Santa Rosa Junior College

Ying Lin is a Professor at Santa Rosa Junior College, where he teaches Statistics courses using Cerego.

Customer Spotlight

Customer Spotlight: Assistant Professor Arindam Basu, Penn State Brandywine

Arindam Basu is an Assistant Professor at Penn State Brandywine, where he teaches Biology courses using Cerego.

Learner Spotlight

Learner Spotlight: Paul Zuber-Fantulin, Santa Rosa Junior College

Paul Zuber-Fantulin is a student at Santa Rosa Junior College and the first Cerego Student Ambassador, where he helps...

Customer Spotlight

Customer Spotlight: Professor Patti Valella, Long Beach City College

Patti Valella is a Professor at Long Beach City College, where she teaches Biology and Anatomy and Physiology courses...

cerego partners

Salient Unifies their Growing Company with Cerego

Salient’s renewed commitment to T&D is moving them further towards becoming a more efficient company. Learn more about...