Ying Lin is a Professor at Santa Rosa Junior College, where he teaches Statistics courses using Cerego. Learn how he customized Cerego Courseware to make statistics lessons stick. 


Cerego: How would you describe the students on your campus? 

Ying Lin: The student population on our campus is quite diverse, ranging from "traditional" college freshman, re-entry, working students, and so on. Consequently, their level of preparedness varies from very prepared to unprepared and not knowing what to expect.  

Cerego: What are some of the teaching and learning challenges you face as an instructor?

YL: There is a large number of new terms that students need to pay attention to in statistics. However, most students did not expect to spend time learning new vocabulary in a math class.

Cerego: How have you tried to address these challenges in the past?

YL: I've used different tools in the LMS, such as Glossary in Moodle, as well as recommend students make their own flashcards to review the terms.

Cerego: What has consistently come up short for you regarding the learning solutions you have tried?

YL: It was difficult to make previous solutions a requirement for students. Thus, few students actually used them.

Cerego: What attracted you to Cerego?

YL: Cerego was recommended to me by Tim Melvin, a colleague at Santa Rosa Junior College.



“I was able to customize the content in accordance with the way I taught the course.

- Professor at Santa Rosa Junior College


Cerego: How did Cerego help you address the teaching and learning challenges in this course?

YL: The challenge of vocabulary was addressed nicely by Cerego. I was able to customize the content in accordance with the way I taught the course.

Cerego: What did you and your students like most about Cerego?

YL: 11 of my 14 students who took the end-of-semester survey said Cerego was "very helpful". They like the mobile platform, the period reminders for review, and the visuals for tracking progress.

Cerego: What do you like best about the Cerego Canvas integration?

YL: It is quite important, otherwise students can't see how their grades are updated in Canvas.

Cerego: How was your experience with the Cerego Student Ambassador?

YL: Paul Zuber-Fantulin was extremely helpful in the process. He was familiar with both Cerego and the content. Familiarity is essential for designing items in Cerego that align with the learning objectives.