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Developing Understanding With Cerego

At Cerego, we believe our platform to be the best in class in helping learners build lasting knowledge, and in helping organizations measure that knowledge. A test score shows a snapshot of understanding on a particular day, but a Cerego-powered [...]

3 Minutes That Will Change the Way You Learn

  A little difficulty is good for learning! When we introduce a bit of mental challenge into the learning process, we are more likely to recall that information in the future. This concept is known as desirable difficulty, and it is core to the [...]

Willpower vs. Decision Fatigue: The Truth About Self Control

How much did you think about the clothes you wore this morning? Famously, Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg supposedly wear the same color shirt most days, to cut down on decision fatigue. The idea - known as ego-depletion - is that that your [...]