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Integrate Cerego with your Systems and Content

Whether you need Cerego's complete platform or just the learning engine, our integrations and APIs power real, lasting change for your students or employees.

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LTI 1.3

Standard Integrations

  • Cerego uses LTI 1.3—the latest and most secure LMS integration. Benefits include a simple implementation and streamlined experience for students. LTI 1.3 is included for free with all Cerego accounts.
    Learn more about LTI 1.3 →

  • Give your students or employees the ability to use their existing credentials with Single Sign On (SSO), and get added security benefits. (Additional cost, requires setup.)

  • Already have an LMS? Add or edit user profiles and enrollments via our APIs. (Additional cost, requires setup.)

  • Track learner progress with unparalleled insight into memory retention, diligence, and agility. (Additional cost, requires setup.)

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Custom Integrations

  • Get an added level of control over event notifications in real time with webhooks. We'll work with you to build a system to notify you of events as they occur, such as when learner complete courses, take assessments, or even study reminders, according to your preferences.
  • Use our learning engine to support your existing experience. Make any learning adaptive.
  • Use our patented AI authoring tools to turn any content into learning content. 
  • Sync Cerego’s data directly with your database so you can generate your own reporting. 
  • Anything you can dream of!

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