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Knowledge Bank™

In Cerego, each instructional item is tied to a memory in every learner's Knowledge Bank — a visualization of their memories in terms of both strength and longevity. All learning sets in Cerego are tied to a level of mastery — that is, how long the learners will remember the content into the future. The Knowledge Bank shows administrators, instructors, and learners, how learners are progressing and gives a real-time view of their memories across every learning item. 

Memory retention levels

Learning and memory is measured in terms of 'Levels' — when you build a course in Cerego, you select a desired level of memory retention you would like your learners to achieve. Each level corresponds to the strength of memory retention you want to develop (e.g., learners who achieve a 'Level 2' for a concept in Cerego can expect to have strong retention of that concept for months

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The Cerego Knowledge Bank™ gives you in-depth insight into the strength of your memory for each concept you study.

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