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Learning Sets

Learning Sets are the essential lessons that form the backbone of learning in Cerego. Add text, videos, PDFs, audio files, or images. When learners go through a set, they encounter both study items and practice items — the study items are pure content, while the practice items take the form of quizzes of various types. You can base quizzes on simple Q&A (like multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank questions), or on sequences or diagrams.

When building a set, Cerego's Smart Create™ technology makes creating powerful content a snap. Using the latest iteration of BERT Natural Language Processing technology, Smart Create tools instantly scan text passages and suggest key concepts, and even transcribe videos automatically, immediately turning any recording into learning content that can form the basis for quizzes and follow-up materials.

See also: Assessments, Diagrams, Natural Language Processing, Smart Create™, Surveys


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How to build engaging learning content quickly and easily

Use our Smart Create™ technology to build entire courses in seconds, import what you already have, or create new content quickly with our AI-powered tools.

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