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knowledge and memory

Expanding the Adaptive Learning Footprint at Cairn

Both students and faculty alike at Cairn University are continuing to explore more ways to expand their knowledge and...

Case Study

Effective Online Learning Means Students are Ready for Creative, Critical, and Analytical Thinking

How Cerego helps foster better discussions and more meaningful seminars at Radboud University, Netherlands

Case Study

US Army reduces training time by 33-48% while significantly improving retention and application

Booz Allen Hamilton tapped Cerego to help boost retention and reduce training time for two US Army courses. The results...

personalized learning

How Cerego empowers instructors and students alike at Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Cerego's adaptive learning algorithm means instructors can be confident that students will be prepared, while students...

Higher Education

How Cerego functions as a personalized ‘teaching assistant’ at the University of Pittsburgh

In her role as Senior Lecturer in Biological Sciences at Pitt, Laurel Roberts was looking for an effective way to keep...

Customer Spotlight

Building knowledge inside and outside the classroom at Cairn University

How building foundational knowledge with Cerego makes students more engaged, better prepared, and more confident at...

personalized learning

How Cerego seamlessly builds adaptive learning into the LMS at College of Southern Nevada

Cerego gives English Professor Debra Berry the ability to offer adaptive, personalized learning alongside regular...

Higher Education

Creating engaging experiences and driving real learning online, at Wright State University

Economics Professor Joseph Cavanaugh was searching for a tool that would help students not only review course material,...

Higher Education

Making personalized learning possible for every student with Cerego at the University of Oldenburg, on campus and online

Whether in-person lectures play a role or not, Cerego offers a solution that scales personalized learning—and makes it...