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Cerego increases employee training recall and learning retention by 3-4x.

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Invest in your employees' skills and future potential

90% of employees say Cerego has improved their knowledge of training materials.


"All of the content of our sessions goes into Cerego and I'm getting a real time snapshot of what concepts just aren't sinking in across the whole class — what I need to review and clarify."

—Matt McLaughlin, Program Manager
The Peace Corps


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Adaptive learning platform that changes the how of learning and helps companies upskill and reskill their workers.

Drive Engagement and Achieve Results

A mobile-first approach and offline study capabilities enable employees to learn on-the-go. In every subject or training area, with every team and individual learner, your learning objectives will be achieved using a single platform.

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Revitalize textbooks and other course materials

Repurpose, modernize, and organize your existing training materials from multiple sources with advanced multimedia content creation tools. 

Simplify administration and analytics

Support your entire department, individual classrooms, and learners with robust admin tools and analytics that empower you to track progress and long-term retention, or offer additional help those who are struggling.

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