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knowledge and memory

Effective Online Learning: What Does an LMS Do Well, and What are its Weak Points?

While the traditional LMS generally solves the problems of hosting and delivering course content, it doesn't really...

knowledge and memory

What is Adaptive Learning and How Does It Make Online Training More Effective and Efficient?

The key to unlocking adaptive learning for online training is the use of algorithms to orchestrate interactions with...

personalized learning

The Complete Guide to Remote Learning for Businesses

While transitioning to online learning and remote training can be difficult, learning can be greatly enhanced by using...

knowledge and memory

How Do You Measure the Success of Your Business Training Software?

Now, more than ever, employees need to continuously learn and build new, advanced skills in a job market increasingly...

learning science

3 Evidence-backed Study Tactics that Effectively Improve Learning for Anyone

How to study efficiently and build strong, stable memories.

learning science

Data Shows People Learn 2x More on Mobile Devices

Learners who use our mobile apps learn more, and retain information better over the long term than their desktop...

learning science

Education entrepreneur thinks A.I. can change the way we learn

“The science of learning basically is the same whether you’re learning a new language, or you’re learning how to use...

learning science

Is Google Making Knowledge Obsolete?

No. In fact, here's why knowledge might be more important than ever.

learning science

Video: How Do We Build Knowledge in the Information Age?

Watch Andrew Smith Lewis' talk on how learning, memory, and knowledge are changing in a post-Google world.