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Laura Brown

Laura is the Director of Learning Design at Cerego.
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New Q&A Template Expands Options for Content Creators

Question: Is it possible to create Question-and-Answer items in Cerego? A. Yes! B. Nope, sorry! C. We’ll get back to you on that! Answer: The correct answer is A, Yes! This week Cerego is launching a new item template to support your quiz banks, [...]

New on Cerego: Application Questions

As an educator, you know it’s important that students not only remember and recognize important concepts but that they develop the skills necessary to apply those concepts in the real world.

Create a richer learning experience with Instructional Items

Cerego sets the standard for personalized learning by helping learners crystallize foundational knowledge through personalized, scheduled reviews. Now, starting today, instructors can use Cerego to bolster learning with Instructional Items—a new [...]