Question: Is it possible to create Question-and-Answer items in Cerego?

A. Yes!
B. Nope, sorry!
C. We’ll get back to you on that!

Answer: The correct answer is A, Yes! This week Cerego is launching a new item template to support your quiz banks, test items, and Q&A content.

With our new Question & Answer (Q&A) template, you can now author True/False, “Select All That Apply” and classic quiz items. Writing Q&A items should be familiar territory: Most of the quizzes, tests, and exams we’ve taken in our lives use this format. Whether you’re writing unique content for the first time or leveraging an existing bank of items, the Q&A template is aimed to make the use of Cerego easier, faster, and friendlier for the content you’re already using.  

Connecting Q&A to instruction

To provide remediation or a quick review for your learners, you can equip your items with an Explanation or link them back to an Instructional lesson.

An example of a Q&A item paired with an explanation and instructional content:

Q&A item paired with an explanation and instructional content

Question: Which of the following can help you prepare your learners for success?

A. Clearly communicate learning objectives
B. Organize your content in an easy-to-navigate layout
C. Ensure that they’re retaining core knowledge by using Cerego

Answer: All of the above!

Explanation: All three of the suggested strategies are best practices in the creation of a learning pathway. Remember: by leveraging research in learning science and principles of cognitive development, content creators can create effective learning experiences that prepare learners for success!

Adding Q&A items to sets

Getting started with the Q&A template is as easy as the push of a button: When creating a new set, just click the orange Q&A template icon and start writing!

See how to build a Q&A item in Cerego:

Build a Q&A item in Cerego

After you’ve entered your Question, Distractors, and optional Explanations, click Finish to save your progress. If you’d like to add audio or visual media to your item, simply load those files alongside your Question text. Looking to add assessment-based items to your sets? Learn more about our Application Question template. 

Once your new Q&A items are in action, learners will continue to benefit from Cerego’s personalized review schedule.

Unlike a one-time quiz, Cerego helps learners return to these concepts before they forget them, bringing the testing effect to life. As their retention of these concepts fade, Cerego will remind learners to review content according to Cerego’s underlying retrieval-practice algorithm designed to optimize their learning and success. Like all Cerego item templates, the new Q&A item template is optimized for mobile use, making your learners’ favorite study spot an ideal location for developing mastery.

If you have any questions during the content creation process or need some inspiration on how best to use the Q&A template, reach out! We’d love to learn more about how you’re using Cerego or help you get started.