It's here! It is with great pleasure that we announce the launch of Bookshelf GPS, a customizable learning environment built directly into VitalSource Bookshelf and powered by Cerego.

Integrated into VitalSource Bookshelf, an eTextbook platform used by millions, Bookshelf GPS helps educators guide student learning through enhanced content for a more personalized and engaging experience. Learn more about how it works in the video below.

A radical new extension of personalized learning

The joint effort, between Ingram's VitalSource and Cerego, represents a new approach to learning personalization in higher education. Bookshelf GPS gives faculty and instructors the tools to easily create learning content and specific study items based on keywords and concepts they want students to master.

Optimized for mobile, students can access Bookshelf GPS on iPad, Android, and Kindle devices. They can also use Cerego's mobile application to progress their studies on the go, anytime and anywhere. Students and instructors can download Cerego for Android or Cerego for iOS for free.

1 million titles in your pocket

Bookshelf GPS is revolutionary because of its scale and scope. As of this post, VItalsource is home to 1 million titles and encompasses content from more than 1,000 educational publishers around the world. That opens the door to personalized learning for millions of people when you consider that Bookshelf GPS was designed to be applied to any of VitalSource’s titles, seamlessly and at scale. But perhaps what makes Bookshelf GPS so interesting is its timing. Prior to the launch, although reading had evolved from paper to digital and had the devices and hardware to give it mobility, the way we engaged with what we read hadn’t changed.

Bookshelf by VitalSource

Until now, the potential for personalization in reading had remained largely untapped. Bookshelf GPS ensures that the way we comprehend, understand, and interact with information isn’t a one-way, static experience.

Learn and retain key concepts in context

Bookshelf GPS is designed for students and instructors.

Instructors have full editorial capabilities to create key items, choose the method by which study items are sourced, the pace at which items are presented to students and the visibility of these study items to students throughout their personalized reading experience.

Adding a text passage using Bookshelf GPS:

Adding a text passage in Bookshelf GPS

Adding regions in Bookshelf GPS:

Adding regions in Bookshelf GPS.

Information is presented to students in different formats to help them learn faster and remember longer.

Student learn view with Bookshelf GPS

Instructors and students also have access to analytics through Cerego’s memory bank view.

Instructor Analytics view on Cerego

This visualization offers real-time information about how students are progressing at any given moment, both individually and as a class, so that instructors can adapt and tailor the learning experience as needed.

Interested in Bookshelf GPS for your institution? Contact VitalSource to learn more about Bookshelf GPS.

Want to know more about how Cerego can power your product? Drop us a line. We’d be happy to help you bring personalizing learning to your organization.