Happy New Year! We are thrilled to announce that Cerego’s new Memory Bank is now live, just in time to ring in 2015!

The new Memory Bank offers a new, leveled system of visualizing memory permanence. These are big changes, and both a summary and FAQ are in order!

Just as before, the Memory Bank allows you to visualize the scope and strength of your developing knowledge. It will also show various aspects of your memory from item difficulty to the optimal time to review content, all dynamically generated on a granular level.

Now, you can use this visualization to more accurately predict your future recall ability. In other words, you’ll be able to better predict how long you will remember content into the future. If you want to learn new information and then easily recall it after a few months time (for a final exam for example), the insights from our new Memory Bank can help you have confidence in what you’ll know at a later date.


Q: What do levels mean?

A: The new memory bank presents learners with four levels of memory acquisition, with a Mastery Zone as an end-goal. Items in each level correspond to a color.

The progression is as follows.




Q: Has the learning engine changed?

A: Nope! Cerego’s core technology has remained the same, but your ability to understand the strength of your memory just got a lot more powerful.

Q: My set had high permanence in the old Memory Bank and now it’s at level 3… why am I not in the Mastery Zone?

A: We have expanded our time frame of memory permanence to be more accurate and give you greater control of your goals. What was previously “high permanence” is now roughly equivalent to the beginning of level 3.

Q: How long does it take to get to each level?

A: Cramming doesn’t work – you’ll forget things quickly. You’ll reach higher levels of memory permanence most efficiently by following your recommended study plan, which is distributed over time and personalized to you.

Each Level requires roughly the same number of review sessions to complete. However, review intervals are scheduled progressively farther apart in later levels (the stronger your memory, the longer the time between reviews).

Each item moves into Level 1 after you’ve studied it once. If you follow your recommended schedule, you should be able to get your set Level 2 in about 1 week. Higher levels may take several weeks or months, even though they require roughly the same number of review sessions. Cumulative study time at level 4 might only be several minutes per item, but it’s spread out over weeks so as to best optimize your learning.




Once an item or set has reached the Mastery Zone, we consider them to be in long-term memory. Keeping these items or sets fresh will require only occasional review - once every 9 months or so!