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Two hundred and thirty-eight years ago, something remarkable happened: the Declaration of Independence was published, and America was born. Today, we’re excited to announce something (almost as) revolutionary: the biggest upgrade to Cerego in history; new item types! Say goodbye to the tyranny of forcing everything into cue-and-response pairs, and say hello to freedom and flexibility!

Here’s what you’ll see starting today when you create a set:

  • Brand new “item templates” - four new kinds of items (Associations, Language, Passages, Regions) with more on the way
  • Totally redesigned content creation tools: a better design, more flexible customization options, and better performance

The increased flexibility means that it’s a lot easier to make items for any subject, and the new tools make the process of creating a set a lot more fun.

To take a deeper look at the item types and tools, we’ve created a handy guide here. And to show off the range of new item types, we’ve put together some sets to get you started:

Learn more about the Periodic table, Palm Reading, Constellations,  neighborhoods in San Francisco, or Psychology. Or better yet, jump in and create your own!


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