Today marks the launch of Elsevier Adaptive Learning, a brand new, premium product exclusively from Elsevier, powered by Cerego.

Elsevier is the world’s leading medical publisher. Their goal? To help our future doctors and nurses learn faster and remember longer.

Elsevier Adaptive Learning offers a personalized learning experience for nursing and health profession students. It maximizes the efficacy and efficiency of learning, memory, and retrieval of knowledge. You can learn more about it here.

With this announcement, we’re also talking about the “powered by Cerego” program for the first time.


Cerego can help you invigorate and monetize premium content in new ways. We’re a great fit for major and minor publishers, MOOC’s, and schools of all sizes. We’d love to hear from you anytime, so please don’t be a stranger. Drop us a line at

Big picture, the way that students learn is changing and evolving at a rapid pace. The process is no longer linear. Providing students a premium content base, paired with a scientifically-proven, personalized toolset to acquire and retain knowledge more effectively than ever before? That’s the holy grail.

We see this opportunity with Elsevier as a way to help transform health and science education from “know how” to “how to”, as we like to say. We want to move health and science education beyond recognition and towards mastery.

Learning is about more than remembering enough to pass a class. Particularly in the medical field, you have to know the material well enough to put it into practice, in what is usually a pretty high-stakes environment. Passive recognition won’t do.

Elsevier is priming students for real world applications and continuous improvement. Interactive educational experiences that make content come alive for individuals? That’s the new standard of care.