Today we’re opening Cerego to the public! We’ve been in private beta since December of 2012, and have been hard at work collecting feedback and tweaking the system in preparation for our big release. In addition, we’ve released our very first mobile application, now available on iOS, so that users can learn on-the-go, anytime, and anywhere.  Check out the app here!

If you aren’t familiar with us, Cerego is the essential memory management tool. Our intelligent system takes the burden out of learning by telling you what to study and when. Backed by adaptive learning and memory science, we help you learn faster and remember longer in a way that you’ve never experienced before.

With Cerego, you can actually visualize the progress you’re making on any topic you’re interested in, from a single word in Spanish to an entire course in Physics. We invite you to watch your knowledge grow over time with the Memory Bank.


When you dive into sets on your Memory Bank, you can see how you’re performing and when Cerego recommends you to study next.

We’re focused on how people learn, not what they learn. Our goal is to orient learning around the individual and help our users learn faster, remember longer, and manage their memory for a lifetime.

Over the course of our private beta, we’ve been very fortunate to work with a great group of early adopters, researchers, and partners to help improve upon and bring our vision to reality, and we’re beyond excited for what’s to come. We’re extremely excited to be opening our doors to the public and going mobile for the first time.


We’ve partnered with the largest charter school network in the country, higher ed players who are supported by the Gates Foundation, and the University of Texas at Austin specifically to bring Cerego to this next stage, and we’re very thankful for these opportunities.

Our team looks forward to opening up more partnerships to continuously improve Cerego, and together play a meaningful role in transforming how people learn.

Today is the beginning of an exciting journey towards a better way of keeping knowledge in our collective heads and taking control of the learning process. We look forward to working with you to improve Cerego and together play a part in transforming education. Please help us grow our community of learners and creators by using Cerego. Shoot us feedback (or just say hello!) at We appreciate you!