Why do I need to wait between study sessions?

You may find that our learning science technology is telling you you are "Good for Now" or to come back and study the next day or within a certain number of hours.

We know it can be frustrating when you are trying to get through your learning in one sitting and our software is not letting you do that and not giving you any progress. We get it! Your organization has chosen our learning-science-backed software to help you gain the most mastery you can in the shortest time, and that takes at least a few days of study! Check out our Progress Predictor to help!

In learning science it turns out that our brains forget material we study at a constant mathematical rate. And each person's rate is different! Our software can determine what your unique rate of memory decay is and using that resurface learning items just as they would fade from your memory so you can engage with them and maximize your memory retention so you can do well on your test or exams or however you need to actually use what you are studying.

So hang in there with us! Follow the schedule. And start your study early before the day things are due. You got this! And we got you! Science is on your side!