Why are some of my students getting 100% progress toward the retention goal I set but not all their items are 100% reviewed and reaching the retention goal?

For each assignment, Cerego takes an average retention score across all items studied in the assignment.

Cerego is designed to support and enhance the learning process by leveraging adaptive learning technology. An integral part of this process involves tracking the learners' memory retention for each item in an assignment. This guide will explain how we calculate a learner's progress towards a retention goal set by the teacher.

Memory Retention Value: What Is It?

Every piece of content or item a learner interacts with on Cerego holds a 'Memory Retention Value.' This value represents the learner's ability to recall the knowledge related to that specific item. The memory retention value increases as a learner repeatedly and correctly engages with an item, thus reinforcing their memory of the content.

How are Retention Goals Set?

Teachers or instructors define the Retention Goals for a course or an assignment. This goal represents the desired average memory retention value that learners should strive to achieve for all items within that assignment.

How is Progress Calculated?

The progress towards the retention goal in Cerego is calculated based on the average memory retention value of all items in an assignment. In essence, Cerego takes the memory retention values of all items being studied and calculates their average. 

Let's consider an example: suppose an assignment consists of three items, with memory retention values of 80%, 100%, and 120%. The average of these values is 100% [(80+100+120)/3], which means the learner has made 100% progress towards the retention goal, even though not all items individually reached the goal.

In other words, it is entirely possible, and quite common, that some items may not reach the actual retention goal set by the teacher, while others may exceed it. This flexibility allows for a balanced and overall effective learning approach that accommodates individual learning paces and strengths. 

Key Takeaway

It is important to remember that the goal of Cerego is not to ensure that each individual item reaches the set retention goal but to ensure that on average, learners are retaining the information from the assignment as effectively as possible. This methodology provides a holistic view of the learner's progress and ensures that the focus remains on comprehensive understanding and retention, rather than on individual content pieces.

For more information or further queries, please refer to our other support resources or contact our support team. Happy learning with Cerego!