What's the best way to use Cerego as a learner?

The learning science behind Cerego can feel counterintuitive at first. Our best advice is use mobile and trust the green learn button!

Welcome to Cerego! Regardless of how you found us—through your university, your workplace, or a product that uses our service—we're delighted to have you on board!

At the heart of Cerego lies learning science, utilizing two scientifically proven methods to enhance long-term memory retention: spaced repetition and effortful retrieval. These methods involve dispersing your learning activities over time and using quizzes to reinforce the information you've learned. One of our unique features is our ability to calculate your individual forgetting curve, a characteristic everyone possesses.

To start your journey with Cerego, download the mobile app and use the magic link to log in. Should you encounter any issues, don't hesitate to reach out to us at support@cerego.com.

On your dashboard, you'll find a green 'learn' button. This button isn't just an ordinary one—it gets increasingly smarter about YOU and your unique learning curve. It prompts you to review items that are about to fade from your memory, making your study sessions as effective as possible.

For the best results, engage in short bursts of learning every day for about 5 to 10 minutes. This approach allows you to build substantial knowledge over time that stays with you longer.

You'll also begin to receive smart notifications on your phone. These aren't random; they're based on your studying habits. The system identifies your most productive study times and sends notifications accordingly.

Enjoy your learning journey with Cerego. Good luck!