What is Graduated Difficulty?

What is Graduated Difficulty?

Graduated Difficulty is a Smart Create feature where assessment items automatically become more difficult as the learner becomes familiar with them. This allows learners to achieve mastery of a concept with fewer quizzes by making the quizzes more productive. It also helps with learner engagement by providing a variety of question types without having to manually create more material. Right now, that means Diagrams and some Q&A item types will change and increase in difficulty as a learner progresses through the course.

Q&A Items

Cerego will increase the difficulty of a Q&A item by presenting it as a “Type-the-Answer” item type. Q&A items will transition to “type-the-answer” type questions if the following conditions are met:

  • The learner answers the original question correctly
  • The correct answer is less than 20 characters long (including spaces)
  • There is only one correct answer

Diagram Items

As learners progress through a course, Diagram items become more difficult by eliminating highlighted areas. The first time a learner is shown a Diagram question, they will choose the correct answer from a group of outlined regions. After answering the item correctly, the learner will transition from identifying the correct region from a group of outlined regions to identifying the correct region without the guidance of outline.