What are Mirrored Assignments?

Mirrored assignments are assignments that are shared across multiple courses, offering efficiency and consistency by reflecting changes across all instances of the assignment.

In Cerego, managing your learning content efficiently and maintaining consistency across multiple courses can be a challenge. That's where the feature of "mirrored assignments" comes in handy. They are designed to be shared across different courses and reflect any changes made across all instances, ensuring consistency and saving your valuable time. You can also watch this video for a quick overview: 


Understanding Mirrored Assignments

A mirrored assignment in Cerego is an assignment that is shared across multiple courses. However, only the core content of these assignments is mirrored across courses, meaning that any changes to the core content will be reflected in every instance of the assignment across different courses. This makes it easy to update the core content across all courses at once.

On the other hand, course-specific details such as due dates, goals, and publish status are not mirrored. Any changes to these elements will only affect the instance of the assignment in that specific course. This allows for customization to fit the unique needs and schedules of different courses.

Identifying and Managing Mirrored Assignments

In your assignments list, mirrored assignments are identifiable by a distinct blue circle icon. This differentiates them from other shared assignments, which are designated by a green circle icon.

When editing the core content of a mirrored assignment, keep in mind that these changes will reflect across all courses sharing this assignment. However, if you need to make course-specific modifications, like adjusting the due date or changing the goal, you can do so without affecting other courses.

Why Use Mirrored Assignments?

Mirrored assignments offer several advantages:

  1. Consistency: Changes to the core content will be reflected across all instances of the assignment, ensuring learners across different courses have access to the same information.
  2. Efficiency: You only need to update the core content once to apply the changes to all instances of the assignment in different courses.
  3. Flexibility: Course-specific elements like due dates and goals can be adjusted independently, allowing for customization according to the needs of each course.

In Conclusion: Your Next Steps

Mirrored assignments are powerful tools in Cerego, but they require careful management to make the most out of them. When making changes, always keep in mind which elements will be reflected across all courses and which will remain course-specific.

If you ever have further questions or need assistance with mirrored assignments, our support team is ready and willing to help. We're dedicated to ensuring your experience with Cerego is smooth, effective, and rewarding, and we're here to help you create the most effective learning program for your needs.