Smart Create Features

Smart Create Features 

The updated learn and create apps from Cerego introduce three new intelligent features that make it easier to create a truly effective learning experience:

  • Smart Answers
  • Smart Suggestions
  • Smart Questions

Smart Answers automatically suggests incorrect answer options (also called distractors) for multiple choice questions as you create them. You can add suggested distractors with a single click, making question writing a breeze.

Smart Suggestions identifies and highlights important concepts in your instructional pages. Once a concept is highlighted, you can turn it into a quiz item with a single click. This not only allows a content creator to generate a learning experience quickly, it also ensures that all items align closely with key concepts. It’s flexible, too—you can create items from any concept you choose to highlight.

Smart Questions automatically scales the difficulty of quizzes for a learner. This means that a question will become more challenging the more times a learner answers it correctly. All you have to do is identify the concept you want people to learn, and Cerego will do the rest.

Smart Answers

The Smart Answers feature automatically suggests potential distractors for Question & Answer (Q&A) items. This feature uses natural language processing to recognize the correct answer(s). It then auto generates plausible distractors that are similar to the correct answer(s). These suggested answers pop up automatically in the bottom right corner of the creator’s screen. 


These suggestions are provided for multiple choice and multiple select Question and Answer items.


It can also provide suggestions for multi-word phrases and math equations. 

Smart Suggestions

Automatic Smart Suggestions

Creators will notice the Smart Suggestions feature while making a page.  The feature will identify and highlight key passages from the page that have a high probability of being quizzable items. It does this by first detecting noun phrases, dates, numbers, and names.  It then ranks each detected item according to their linguistic features and returns the top entries, with at least one suggestion per sentence. 

Each suggestion appears as a green link (circled in the image below). A content creator can create an item based on that suggestion by clicking on the link. This triggers the system to automatically create the associated Q&A item in the same set. Smart Answers will also run to create distractors for the new Q&A item.

Manual Smart Suggestions

Creators can also manually highlight a desired word or phrase to create a quiz item. Once text is highlighted, an option will appear below the text box to “Create a question and answer”. Clicking this will generate a quiz in the same way as clicking one of the suggestions in the text.

Smart Questions

The Smart Questions feature schedules and scales up the difficulty of quizzes in a way that optimizes instruction for each learner. This feature is only available for Q&A and Diagram item types, and it functions differently depending on the information in the item and the item template.

Q&A Items

During learners’ reviews, Q&A items transition from the original multiple choice (MC) question authored by the creator to Type-the-answer (TTA) questions. The first time a user is quizzed on an item, they will answer using multiple choice. Once they get that question correct, subsequent quizzes will prompt the user to type the answer. 


This feature makes questions more challenging as learners demonstrate mastery. This not only helps to keep learners engaged, but it also helps to maximize their long-term retention of key concepts. TTA activities are better for learning and reduce the number of times a learner has to review a concept overall.

Questions with multiple correct answers, or where the correct answer is too long to be reasonably typed out, will never be shown as type-the-answer. 


The Smart Questions feature is also enabled for Diagram items.  The first time a learner reviews a Diagram item, they will be able to choose the correct answer from an option of highlighted regions. In each subsequent review, the item will transition from choosing the correct highlighted region to choosing the correct answer in an image with no highlighted options (referred to as “clicking in the dark”).


What content works best for Smart Create?

All NLP (Natural Language Processing) models used in the Smart Answers and Smart Suggestions have been trained on Wikipedia articles. So, any open information is a good candidate for Smart Create. At this time, we are not training our NLP models on industry or partner-specific content.


Does Smart Answers distract multi-word phrases?

Yes! Smart Answers can currently distract phrases as long as 6 words. 


What can Smart Answers distract and what can it not?

Smart Answers can distract: 

  • any valid English word/phrase 
  • all numbers

It cannot distract: 

  • any foreign/non-English word or phrase
  • domain or company specific acronyms/phrases (yet!) 


How are the NLP models used in Cerego's Smart Create tools improved iteratively?

We monitor the use of distractor suggestions chosen by the content creator and use that data to retrain our scoring model that ranks them. The NLP model iteration is performed on all the content created through the Smart Create tools on Cerego.