Readiness Score™

Cerego's Readiness Score measures what someone actually knows in real-time.

The Readiness Score score is continuously updated to reflect the current level of the availability of knowledge.

Test scores become outdated quickly due to the fact that anyone's memory can fade and change within hours. One of the most significant drawbacks of tests is the inability to distinguish between memorization and knowledge which will last long after the test is over. This problem is solved by Cerego's Readiness Score, which uses patented, validated cognitive science and machine learning to determine exactly what concepts a learner will be able to recall immediately or at a later date. If a learner shows 90% Readiness, Cerego estimates that the learner can answer correctly 90% of the questions that have been asked to them during their study in Cerego.


To view the Readiness Score ➝

On the left-hand side of the screen, click the Admin tab  ➝

On the top-left select click on the People category

Choose or search for the learner you wish to view the Readiness Score for ➝

Double-click on the learner's name

Note: click the carrot > next to the course name to see the Readiness Score(s) for each assignment within the course