How long will it take to reach my level of memory retention?

To build durable, flexible knowledge our brains need to space out our study sessions over days and quiz ourselves rather than just re-reading or re-watching content.

We understand that it isn't always intuitive that it's better to space out your learning over time. In fact, cramming right before a due date is often our go-to behavior! But learning science has proven that spacing out your learning according to your unique Remembering Curve is one of the most impactful ways to retain what you are studying! The second most impactful method is to quiz yourself rather than just being re-exposed to the learning, like re-reading or re-watching your learning content.

Our Progress Predictor on all our mobile apps helps you understand both the depth of memory retention you will have from your study but also how long, down to the date, it will take you to get there! See here too for more information. And watch the video below!