How to utilize the CSV upload feature to create multiple user accounts at once

Cerego Bulk User Upload: A Comprehensive Guide


Cerego's bulk upload feature on the People page has recently been enhanced to offer more flexibility and control for administrators. Now, admins can define specific roles for users and determine whether these users should be created within the main partner account or within a child department. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to utilize these new features.


Before you start the bulk upload process, ensure you meet the following requirements:

  1. You must have admin access in the Cerego account you're working in.
  2. (Optional) Prepare a list of department IDs if you intend to provision users to specific departments.
  3. Have a CSV file ready for upload with at least the following columns:
    • Full Name (required)
    • Email (required)

Bulk User Upload Walkthrough

  1. Sign in to your Cerego partner account.
  2. Go to the Admin page.
  3. Click on the People page.
  4. Choose the 'Upload via CSV' option.
  5. Upload your prepared CSV file.
  6. From the Name dropdown menu, choose the column containing the users' full names.
  7. For the email dropdown, select the column with the users' email addresses.
  8. Click on the 'Import' button.
  9. Confirm the successful creation of users by reviewing the People page.
  10. (Optional) If you've designated departments for users, they'll be created in those respective departments. Ensure their presence there.

Additional Upload File Options

Besides the essential Full Name and Email columns, you can also include columns for “department_id” and “cerego_role”. It's crucial that the headers for these columns match exactly as mentioned since there's no dropdown to map them.

  • department_id: Input the ID of the child department where you want the user to be created. Find these IDs on the department page (Admin > Account Setup > Departments). If you assign a user to a department with a higher Cerego role (e.g., admin, course manager), they will be created in that department with the specified role. Simultaneously, an additional user with the “Department staff” role (which has zero permissions) will be created in the parent Cerego account.

    To allocate a user to multiple departments, create an extra row with the appropriate department_id. Ensure all other column details for the user match, unless you want different values (like a unique member_id).

  • cerego_role: This column accepts the following roles:

    • admin
    • content_manager
    • course_manager
    • course_viewer

    Any other input or leaving it blank will default the user's role to 'learner'.