How do set up a Course Library for my organization?

1. In the top navigation, switch to Admin

2. Visit Account setup at the top of the page

3. Enable course library

4. Name your course library

If you don't set a name, learners will see it as Learning Library. The name will appear in multiple places.

Learners will see it in their side navigation so make sure the name is short and sweet. We recommend picking a name that has your organization in it. (e.g. Apple University, NASA Library)

5. Pick a background image for your course library

We recommend using something that is relevant to your organization. (e.g. brand assets such as illustrations and photographs)

6. Click the save button

Your course library is now live!

Add course to your course library! 

1. In the top navigation, switch to Courses

2. On the Courses page, click on a course you would like to add to the Course Library. 

3. On the Course Summary page, click on the Course Status dropdown at the bottom of the page and select Publish & Add to Library

Nice! This course will now be available in the Course Library for any learner in your organization to self-enroll in. If you ever change your mind, just click on the course status dropdown and select Remove from Library.