How do I use the leaderboard on the Admin page?

The leaderboard is a quick way to see how your learners are performing across a few different metrics

Leaderboards are intended to give you at a glance insights into how your learners are performing in Cerego. The leaderboards have three different rankings: Diligence, Knowledge, and Agility

Diligence: reflects how consistently and effectively the learner engages with the material. Diligent learners tend to build stronger knowledge.

Knowledge: reflects how much the learner knows (breadth) and how well they know it (depth).

Agility: reflects how quickly new information is mastered.

These metrics are designed to provide a richer, more useful, and more predictive set of insights into a learner than can be provided by a test score or a personality quiz.

A search bar is provided to narrow down on a specific user, and the sort feature lets you sort users by name or particular leaderboard selection (Diligence, Knowledge, Agility).

For more information about diligence, knowledge, and agility in Cerego, refer to our white paper found here.