How do I use the Course Library?

Your Course Library may have a different name if your organization's Cerego Admin has customized the name. The Course Library is a place for you to self-enroll in courses you're interested in.

If it has been enabled by a content administrator, you may have access to one or more course libraries, accessible from your primary dashboard. If you have access to a course library, you will find it next to the “Enrolled Courses” tab below your recommended learning card.

A course library can be populated with any number of optional learning materials provided by your content administrators. Unlike other courses that appear within the “Enrolled Courses” tab, assignments from these libraries are not strictly required by an instructor, and you can freely choose to enroll in them at your leisure.

Once you elect to enroll in a course from your available libraries, that course and it’s assignments will begin to appear on your dashboard, both in the recommended learning card, as well as your enrolled courses. You can click on the course to see details of assignments included in the course, as well as unenroll from the course if to wish to remove it from your dashboard.