Get to know your learner dashboard and library


Knowledge Bank:

The Knowledge Bank is where you'll see a visualization of how well you know the material in each of the assignments you're learning. Click on any part of this section to open up a full screen view. Once you've opened up the Knowledge Bank, you can click on the circular images that represent each individual assignment you're learning. This will let you dive deeper to explore all the concepts in that assignment. You can even click on the colorful orbs to see what the concept is.


The goal of our smart recommendations is to take the guesswork out of learning. In a click of a button we'll calculate the most effective session for you. You may learn a few new concepts or review previously learned ones. Often it is a blend of both. 

Click on the 'Review' tab if you only want to review fading concepts.

If your recommendation card says you're good for now, it means you've learned all concepts at least once and reviewed all fading concepts. You should come back in a day or so to check if there's anything to review. Learners who have our iOs or Android app installed on their smart phones will receive notifications when it's time to review.

Successful Reviews

This is where you get a summary of how many reviews you've done today, this week, and all time. Every time you demonstrate knowledge by getting a quiz correct, that’s a successful review.


Check out a snapshot of progress for your course. As you learn new concepts and review fading concepts you'll see your course progress go up.


The library is another way you can access assignments. You can access it by clicking on the 'Library' tab on the left-hand side.

Goal in Progress

These are assignments that require more work to reach the mastery goal your instructor has set. 

Goal Reached

These are assignments that you've achieved the mastery goal set by your instructor.


Content under this section are the ones you're learning just for fun. Kudos to you for being a lifelong learner!

Everything I've studied

These are all the assignments that you’ve ever studied.