How do I use the Departments feature?

The Departments feature is a convenient way to create sub-accounts under your main Cerego account.

You can organize your content on a large scale by creating different departments. Each department can have its own courses, content, branding and staff. Switching between departments is easy, allowing you to quickly organize your content.

Steps: Create a department

1. On the top right hand corner of the page, click on the green “Add a Department” button.

2. Type the new department name in the box. Be careful when naming a department. Your department name cannot be changed within the system. To change a department name, you’ll have to email

3. Click the green “Create Department” button.


Pro Tip

The image you uploaded as your profile photo will automatically become the profile image for any new departments. To change this image, switch departments and then upload a new image.

And here's a brief video on how to add shared assignments from the parent account.