How do I use the Account Set-up page?

The account set-up page allows you, as Admin, to customize your Cerego experience.

The Account Set-up section can help you customize your Cerego experience. This feature is part of certain Cerego accounts, so talk to your sales representative if you’d like to learn more.


You can turn features on and of easily by clicking the buttons next to the feature names. Let’s go over what each feature involves.


Enable course enrollment links

The “Enable course enrollment links” feature allows you create a course enrollment link that you can send via email, text, or social media. When you activate this tab, you’re enabling the feature in the Courses section of Cerego. You'll be able to invite learners to courses by sharing a URL that's unique to the course. This link can be customized on a course summary page.


Set default goal level across courses

The goal that you set here will be the default goal level across all courses created in this account.

If you create a department, the department will inherit this goal level at the time of its creation. Departments can then set their own default goal level.

Enable sounds in learner experience

Learners will hear sounds during their learning experience. If disabled, learners can still turn on sounds on their end.