Cerego: State of Learning Report

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Every day thousands of learners use Cerego at work to help them learn faster and retain information longer. Today, our dataset includes over 1 billion interactions drawn from more than 1.5 million learners and is the largest dataset of its kind outside of academia.

Through these interactions we've learned an enormous amount about the intricacies of how people learn—the best time of day to study, the easiest subjects to learn, the length of time it takes to master a concept and more.

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Nicholas Millikan - Salient

Nicholas Millikan
Director, Head of Investment Strategy, CAIS

"Cerego is consistent with our style and culture as an innovative asset management firm."

Peace Corps - Matt McLaughlin

Matt McLaughlin
Program Manager, Peace Corps

"All of the content of our sessions goes into Cerego and I'm getting a real time snapshot of what concepts just aren't sinking in across the whole class - what I need to clarify."

Dave Stritzinger - Consensus

Dave Stritzinger
President & Founder, Consensus, a Target subsidiary

"Cerego is poised to change how major organizations train and identify talent."

Jeremy Radcliffe - Salient

Jeremy Radcliffe
President & Chief Strategy Officer, Salient

"The immediate improvements in learning are just the beginning for us. We're committed to continuous learning and Cerego supports long-term training and development. It's a great alignment."

See how Cerego uses technology to help employees retain knowledge more effectively



Learning Science
Cognitive science algorithms underpin the platform


Predictive algorithms focus on improving how you learn, not just the what



Personalized Learning
Distributed practice and retrieval to study the right content at the right time