Cerego's State of Learning Report

Every day thousands of learners use Cerego at school and at work to help them learn faster, and retain information longer. Today, our dataset includes over 1 billion interactions drawn from more than 1.5 million learners and is the largest dataset of its kind outside of academia.

Through these interactions we've learned an enormous amount about the intricacies of how people learn—the best time of day to study, the easiest subjects to learn, the length of time it takes to master a concept, and more.

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Eric Evans
President, Bryan University

"We've seen over 267% increase in student time and activities, and a 50% reduction in faculty lecture time. Students are spending time in Cerego learning the lecture material, freeing up the faculty now to spend time on coaching and mentoring."

Elena Cunningham - NYU

Elena P. Cunningham
Dental Professor, New York University

"Thanks in part to Cerego, the class of 2017 achieved a 100% first attempt pass-rate on Part I of the National Board Dental Examination. You don't have to test the students. In a very non-stressful way, you know whether they know that material."

patti v - LBCC

Patti Valella
Assistant Professor, Long Beach City College

"I had overwhelming praise. The students really enjoyed using Cerego because they could practice on the fly. At the end of the semester, my success rate had gone up from about 66% to 80%. I would definitely recommend Cerego to other professors to use."

paul zf - santa rosa junior college

Paul Zuber-Fantulin
Student, Santa Rosa Junior College

"Cerego helped me address my learning challenges by being able to take every piece of information in bit sized pieces, and be able to look and see what parts of the course I know and what parts of the course I needed help on."