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Bringing adaptive learning to the LMS

Students using Cerego show a 12pt+ improvement in their overall grade, and a 16pt+ improvement with analytic questions.

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LMS integrations

94% of students recommend their professors continue to use Cerego

Cerego consistently has the highest levels of student engagement and retention for an adaptive learning in an LMS:

  • 98% of students say Cerego courses are directly relevant to what they need to study.
  • The more students use Cerego, the higher their final grade.
  • Mobile apps with offline mode and 5 minute study sessions lets students learn the way that fits their lifestyle.

How it works

A simple LMS integration

Cerego uses LTI 1.3—the latest and most secure LMS integration. Benefits include easier implementation, and a more streamlined experience for students. 

Here's how to get everything connected and running seamlessly:

Cerego Smart Create™ tools


Why teachers love Cerego in their LMS 

  • Smart Create™ technology powered by OpenAI automates the process of taking existing content in an LMS to create multiple choice questions, diagrams, sequences, and surveys.
  • Grade book integration gives insight into each student's performance in Cerego and the grade they receive.
  • Asynchronous content and automated study reminders reinforces better study habits through distributed learning.

Why students love Cerego in their LMS

  • Built using proven Learning Science and AI, Cerego is the only fully automated adaptive learning platform. No pre-assessments or feedback required. 
  • Cerego not only improves their grades, but also improves each student's ability to study more effectively in the future by engraining good study habits.
Active Learning



Integrated analytics

  • Data can be automatically sent from Cerego to the LMS gradebook.
  • Cerego provides insights into learner proficiency, which can connect to institutionally defined outcomes. 

"Cerego is easily accessible to students, especially if they have the app on their phone. My students love the program because it makes studying easy and fun."

Patti Valella, Asst. Professor
Long Beach City College



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